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Fees and Expenses

One of the things people ask when looking for a speaker is, “What is your fee?” And while everyone cringes at discussing costs, it is an important part of planning an event. Jami is willing to negotiate the fee, working with you to decide on a figure that works within your budget. As you consider a figure, the following things may be helpful to evaluate:

Many small groups find it difficult to be as generous with a speaker as they would like. And that is understandable. Being honest, yet realistic, will help you arrive at a figure that can work for both parties.


When traveling for out of state events, Jami flies out of Denver. If drive time to an event is an hour and a half or less from home, no travel expenses are necessary. Road trips longer than an hour and a half should include mileage reimbursement.

Please use the form below to send Jami information about your event.

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